Sunday, August 12, 2012

DIY Lace Clothespins

You can make these with lace, scissors, a pencil, glue dots, hot glue, clothespins, and a backing for the lace such as cardstock, cardboard, or kraft paper.  All of these supplies can be bought from any craft store or if you are not crafty you can purchase from Thee Paper Girl on Etsy. 

Glue the lace to the backing of your choice with glue dots (or super glue) to give the lace some weight making it easier to cut your strips.  After it dries use a clothespin to trace the size of the strips and snip away.  Then use hot glue to seal the strips onto the clothespin and let them dry.

You can use the clothespins for the below or anything else you can dream up!
  • Clip seating arrangements on a chicken wire rack or rows of twine.
  • Display seating at the table by clipping to the place card and standing the clothespin up.
  • Use to hang a banner or garland at your wedding or bridal shower.
  • Use to display photos at your wedding or bridal shower.
  • Have each guest take a polaroid when they enter and sign the bottom.  Then have them use a clothespin to hang on a chicken wire rack or rows of twine.  The polaroids can later be put into a photo album as your official guest book.

Chicken Wire Rack

Rows of Twine

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