Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pretty up your silverware

Something I can't imagine many brides think about is silverware display, but it's an easy and inexpensive way to pretty up a place setting or buffet table.

Ask your invitation vendor to create silverware pouches for plasticware. This works for a buffet or a place setting and can be assembled ahead of time. As an added touch throw in a brightly colored napkin.  If you choose this option make sure it fits with the vibe of your wedding (i.e. this is great for BBQ not so much for steak). 
For this one if you are crafty you will need burlap, twine, chalk, white thread, scissors, and chalkboard cloth
Fashion the burlap into a bag, sew a square of chalkboard cloth on the burlap, and tie with twine.
For those less crafty order from South House Boutique on Etsy.  I recommend this for a place setting only.

This one is the easiest of all and perfect for a buffet table! 
All you need is a few small pots from any garden store. Choose colors that fit with your wedding; if in doubt choose plain clay.  For an added touch tie twine around the outside and attach a kraft tag.

This is a perfect way to decorate your place setting and thank your guests.
Work with your invitation vendor or check out Etsy vendors to create these tags.
Check with your venue/caterer to see if this is something they can do before you commit to this.

This is my favorite and works for a buffet or a place setting.  For a rustic or DIY wedding this is an ideal choice.  Get doilies, twine, and napkins (don't be afraid to be playful with color); wrap a napkin around the silverware, then wrap the doily, and tie with twine. Check with your venue/caterer to see if this is something they can do.  

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