Saturday, February 2, 2013

Superbowl Chili Cook-off

To kick off Superbowl weekend I threw a Chili Cook-off in the office!  The decorations and prep for this is SO easy!  

First of all, each entry got a sharpie and table tent (not pictured) to write down details and any potentially problematic ingredients (e.g. spice, meat). 
I printed the word Chili in channel font (download here) and framed in a $2 Target frame.
Fritos + a scoop, cheese and sour cream were set out on a table next to the chili entries.  I had a kraft tag plus clothespin for each topping! 
Using free Pinterest printables I made toppers for the brownies.
Each guest made their pick for Superbowl winner as they entered. I used a medium chalkboard from Hobby Lobby and a chalk pen (I swear by the Chalk Ink brand).

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