Sunday, May 26, 2013

Marry . Eat . Dance . Drink .......

For our wedding I decided on a chalkboard program.  It's eco-friendly AND inexpensive! 

Chalkboard: Save-On-Crafts
Chalk Pens: Hobby Lobby

More inspiration!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

And We're Married...

My Coundown of the 5 BEST Moments of the BEST Day!
5. The toasts. Hands down best ever. We are so loved.
4. Completely destroying the cake by stabbing it with a cake server instead of a knife. It was such a mess, but Quinn of course thought it was hilarious (why I married him).
3. All of our friends & family circling around us to sing Don't Stop Believin'.  We love that song (who doesn't!) and there was so much love and excitement in that room it was surreal.
2. My Dad stroking my hand as I had a mild panic attack before walking down the aisle. I was so nervous and my Dad just kept reassuring me that everything was perfect.
1. Seeing Quinn for the first time and being so overcome with emotion, I wanted to cry, smile, run down the aisle, scream "I love you", it was incredible.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shower Time!

Couples + Sangria + Southern Dishes + Beer Pong = An Awesome Shower!

Decor: Chalkboard banner (purchase banner here from SayHelloShop), Rifle Paper Company banner from BHLDN and blue mason jars with hydrangeas.
Card: Q & I love writing each other notes so it was only fitting we share one on our shower day. I'm obsessed with this stationary by Wedding Chicks
Glassware: My glass is a mason jar + floral straw from BHLDN, Q's mug is from Ikea.  I bought chalkboard labels from BradensGrace on Etsy (here).
Drinks: My famous Sangria (recipe here), Beer and Pinot Grigio
Food: Seven layered dip + chips, veggie & fruit tray, mixed cheeses, deviled eggs, pimento cheese and subway sandwiches, coconut cake and my Maw's banana pudding 
Activities: Outside we had Ladder Toss, Cornhole & Horseshoes, in the Garage we had Beer Pong
Invite by Zazzle
My dress by Tobi

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