Friday, August 30, 2013

DIY Trophies

A couple of weeks ago I was tasked with making kitschy trophies for's first Hackweek!  Here's how I fared!

Biggest Tool - Hammer + board spray painted gold.  I tried a drill and nail gun, but good old hot glue worked best.
The Bomb - Wooden doll head on top of a wooden block spray painted gold.  I used a tiny wooden bead + gold pipe cleaner for the fuse.  I used wood glue to hold it all together.
Saves the Day - IT kindly gave me an old hard drive which I spray painted gold and hot glued to a wooden plaque I painted black.
Biggest Bug - I found this toy bug in the kids section at Michaels.  I spray painted gold and hot glued to a wooden block I painted black.
Most Handy - Believe it or not Michaels sells paper mâché hands.  This was the easiest one!  I just spray painted it gold.
Most Caffeine - I hot glued a plain coffee mug to a ramekin both from Walmart and then spray painted gold!

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