Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy Tears

This is an easy and cheap way to add an extra touch to your wedding! 

I used a mini wire basket from a set on Save-on-crafts (here).  You can use anything lying around your house: a vintage wooden box or a cool bowl like this one from Anthro.  Write "for Happy Tears" on a kraft tag in white map pencil or sharpie.  Punch the tag and tie to the basket with twine as seen above or fold in half and set up as a table tent.  You can scour vintage stores for hankies ($3 is a good price) or buy a bundle here from Vintiques Prims on Etsy.  OR if you are really cutting costs (like I was) use Kleenexes!  Your guests that tear up won't care either way; they will just be happy to keep their make-up fresh!

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