Saturday, August 3, 2013

Raffle Ticket Banner - Circus Party

I am lucky to have a husband who sees vintage raffle tickets in storage and thinks I bet Courtney could use these!

I used these amazing finds to make a raffle ticket paper chain banner. In case you've never made a paper chain here are the instructions!
  • Tear off 6 tickets in one color, staple tickets 1 and 6 on top of each other
  • Pick a new color, tear off 6 tickets, loop it through your first "chain" and staple ticket 1 and 6 on top of each other
  • Keep looping the chains and stapling until it's the right length.
I ended up with quite the chain, but it looked perfect at our Circus themed Bring Your Kids to Work Day! I have tons of raffle tickets left, if you are interested e-mail  

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