Monday, July 7, 2014

Boudoir Photos

For my wedding gift my husband got to agonize over the perfect piece of jewelry.  I on the other hand knew exactly what I was getting him - a boudoir book. Keep reading for my tips!

Keys to the perfect boudoir session
1. Trust your photographer.  I had vetted and met my photographers + done an engagement session with them before the boudoirs.
2. Sexy music. Get my Spotify playlist here.
3. Unconventional options.  Take some lingerie photos, but also bring 2-3 out of the box options.  For me - jersey from his favorite team and my favorite sweater.
4. Heels. I never wear heels, but the heels made the photos look a million times better.
5. Master the dead stare.  Open your eyes, part your lips, lift your chin and just stare into the distance.
Bonus. Champagne.

Make-up and Hair - Rayven Walker of Beauty and the Blush 
Venue - MGroup Studio at McKinney Cotton Mill 

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