Saturday, April 30, 2016

Calling All Superheroes!

Planning Family Day this year was ultra special because it was my first year to have Henley with me. (Technically, last year she was in my belly!). This year's theme was Square Root Superhero! 

Invite: Calling All Superheroes! Your mission should you accept...

Make a Disguise Table: "Pick your superhero name" badges,
grab a shield (aka a frisbee), glow stick bracelets + sunglasses
Velcro Wall to let your inner superhero "Fly High",
Dunk station to "Sink your fave Superhero"
"Hulk Smash" wall (cardboard boxes varying sizes, spray paint, persistence)

It wouldn't be a Courtney party without animals!
Princess Buttercup the goat attended in her superhero costume.
Me: Batman Bow, Hen: Batgirl Dress, Quinn: Batman Tee
Pow Punch! Lemonade, sprite, Hawaiian Punch
because "Even Superheroes get thirsty
Captain America shield fruit plate
"Rescue Rope" red vines
"Zap!" cheese puffs
(And my Wonder Woman lunchbox from high school)


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