Monday, February 27, 2017

a little ditty for the girl they call Hen.

Running through this world trying to feed my soul
Anything to make me whole
Just me, just me, just me
And nothing else could matter more

Heard a rap song on the radio, somehow felt just right
Met you that night
With you, with you, with you
And nothing else could matter more

Held you in my arms that August day
This is my true way
With us, with us, with us
And nothing else will matter more

photo by Lauren Maria Photography
When I look at the person I am and back at the person I’ve been, there are remnants that remain. There’s also many pieces I don’t recognize. People change. I want to dive into this topic on a later blog, but for now I wanted to share this little ditty I wrote for Hen today while she was napping. I feel like I’m the person I was meant to be. While the hole should be full, it’s really just full of fear. Fear that one breath will blow this all away like a puff of smoke in the wind.

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