Thursday, February 23, 2017

Gifts for Teachers!

So far, we’ve been lucky with the stellar teachers in Hen’s life. Each one has brought their own unique quality to teaching her and more importantly each one has loved her. We give her teachers a cash bonus each holiday, but I’m a big fan of small tokens of appreciation throughout the year. Here are my go-to gifts!

Birthday: A $15 Starbucks gift card + an Anthro mug is my standard. My current faves:  here, here, and here. If you go to an Anthro they will wrap the mug for you!

Holidays: I love these ring dishes from The Painted Press. The gold option is perfect for the holidays.

Last Day: We’ve already had two last days at daycare as she transitions through the classrooms. It’s bittersweet each time. I like to give her teachers a potted succulent with a note that says, “Thanks for helping me grow! Love, Henley”. I know it’s cheesy! 

Handwritten Note: I keep a stash of greeting cards from Rifle Paper Co at home and at my office. I truly believe nothing beats a handwritten note expressing gratitude. I typically let Hen add stickers + color and then add my note around her scribbles!
Photos from The Painted Press, Anthropologie, and Rifle Paper Co
p.s. My mom was a preschool teacher for over two decades. Her favorite gifts were the ones the child chose to bring her like a hand-drawn picture or flower from their garden. I can't wait until Hen does that, but until then....

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