Monday, March 20, 2017

Can I be both pro-life and a feminist?

I sat down to write this post back in January, but it’s taken me some time to work through my thoughts and emotions. As I share my role as a feminist, there seems to be an immediate misconception that I am pro-abortion. I’m not pro-abortion in fact I'm personally pro-life, which doesn’t seem totally incompatible with the notion of feminism. For me feminism is the idea that men, women, humanity - deserve equality, empathy, and love. So can I be both pro-life and a feminist?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Babies + Fur Babies

I’m a dog mommy to Levi and Dylan. My fur babies have outfits, go out with us, snuggle on the couch, sleep in our bed, and so on. I’ve even paid hundreds of dollars over the years to fly home from trips early, because I miss them. I cried in Paris, in Paris!, because I saw a Yorkie that looked like Levi. When I was pregnant there were a lot of emotions around how our pups would adapt to our daughter. To quote Kristen Bell,

"I just don't know how I'm going to like her as much as I like the dogs,'"
..."Because I f-king love my dogs; they are my children."

Monday, March 13, 2017

The best bottle we ever used...

The other day a girlfriend asked me about bottle options for her little one and there's only one kind I'll recommend....

The Joovy Boob bottle.

There is a graveyard of bottles and sippy cups in our garage. We tried so many looking for the right one that was easy for her to hold, didn't pour out too fast or too slow, could be cleaned easily, wouldn't spill when she held it upside down, etc. Impossible, right? Not at all. The Joovy brand is 🙌. My daughter learned to drink from a Joovy dood sippy cup as well. Once again, can't dump it on the floor so we love it!

*This is not an ad. I only wish my blog was popular enough for folks to give me free stuff to talk about their product! (hint, hint)

Friday, March 10, 2017

Fed is best.

Not a breastfed baby. 

When I was pregnant I fully intended to breastfeed. I had the books, the cover-ups, and even played out conversations I would have with indignant strangers as I breastfed my daughter in public. It never crossed my mind that breastfeeding wouldn’t be my path. I shared my story in an earlier blog. In short, I decided to pump and supplement with formula after my daughter was nearly hospitalized. At 8 months, I switched to formula 100% until she was about 13 months old.

I was prepared for the stigma of breastfeeding in public. That was what mommy blogs had told me. I was completely rocked by the amount of stigma not breastfeeding would carry. I was told by friends, family, and strangers things like, “Breast is best” or “You’re not trying hard enough” or “Breastfeeding is hard”. While these comments may be true, they were unhelpful.  

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