Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day! A love note to my husband.

My husband and I have been something special from the minute we saw each other. Through dating we also became best friends. And in August 2015, he took on a 3rd role as my co-pilot in the wonderfully crazy ride that is parenting.

Of all of these roles, he doesn’t get enough cred for his role as “Daddy”. So on his second Father’s Day, here’s a little ode to the guy that’s number one in my heart and Henley’s.


There’s possibly no sweeter sound that Henley saying “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy” each night when she wants you to come visit her in bed. Except maybe when you walk into the room and she bursts into a fit of giggles. Her love for you is grand and vast and big.

As is your love for her. The moment forever etched in my head is when the doctor put our blue-eyed beauty on my chest and we both cried from joy. Who knew that was really a thing? Since that moment you have been ever the doting Dad. You followed her to each check-up in the hospital, called the doctor for each cough, checked Baby 411 when they didn’t call back fast enough, proudly dressed her in matching Everton gear, wrapped her up for a walk in the stroller, and that was just in week one.  

Nowadays, she’s dragging you to bath time, saying “BYE” to me as y’all head out on taco dates, asking you to eat whatever that plastic butter dish is supposed to be from her kitchen, laying down for back flips and tickles, following you around to feed our fur family, and a million more things.

In those moments, I feel like a spectator. You’ve given me a whole new perspective of my own dad. When Henley was born the love you had for her was instantaneous. Seeing the two of you together is a snapshot into the moments I don’t remember with my own dad. I’ve seen the silly pictures of my dad in a baby hat but I didn’t feel anything until I saw you in a baby hat with her giggling. Then I truly understood my own dad’s love for me.

You’ve also put into perspective the other “big day”. When we got married, I had you + all of our friends and family in one room. I couldn’t imagine that life could be more than that. Then we had Hen. All those things people say like “And I thought I loved you then” finally felt cheesy and true. My love for you has grown, taken on a new shape, filled a space in my heart I didn’t know was there, and on an ordinary day I look around at what I have and think my life is more than I ever thought it could be.

Without you I wouldn’t have any of it. So Happy Father’s Day my love. Henley is the luckiest to have a silly, caring, protective dad in you - that’s everything she needs. And the love I have for you feels endless but who knows maybe there’s a little space there for another cat 😻

Love, Me

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