Friday, August 30, 2013

DIY Trophies

A couple of weeks ago I was tasked with making kitschy trophies for's first Hackweek!  Here's how I fared!

Biggest Tool - Hammer + board spray painted gold.  I tried a drill and nail gun, but good old hot glue worked best.
The Bomb - Wooden doll head on top of a wooden block spray painted gold.  I used a tiny wooden bead + gold pipe cleaner for the fuse.  I used wood glue to hold it all together.
Saves the Day - IT kindly gave me an old hard drive which I spray painted gold and hot glued to a wooden plaque I painted black.
Biggest Bug - I found this toy bug in the kids section at Michaels.  I spray painted gold and hot glued to a wooden block I painted black.
Most Handy - Believe it or not Michaels sells paper mâché hands.  This was the easiest one!  I just spray painted it gold.
Most Caffeine - I hot glued a plain coffee mug to a ramekin both from Walmart and then spray painted gold!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Skin Saver

Everyone told me not to drink the night before my wedding, get lots of sleep etc. etc.  Seriously how is that even possible?  Plus why should I or any bride miss all the rehearsal dinner fun?  So I went out the night before my wedding, stayed up until 1 am and drank a bit of champagne - but you couldn't tell the next day thanks to this handy dandy face mask pot from Lush.  It swears to hydrate and make up for a night out.  It's only $6.95 and totally worth it!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Invite Envy

Black + Kraft Invite by In Or Out Media on Etsy!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy Tears

This is an easy and cheap way to add an extra touch to your wedding! 

I used a mini wire basket from a set on Save-on-crafts (here).  You can use anything lying around your house: a vintage wooden box or a cool bowl like this one from Anthro.  Write "for Happy Tears" on a kraft tag in white map pencil or sharpie.  Punch the tag and tie to the basket with twine as seen above or fold in half and set up as a table tent.  You can scour vintage stores for hankies ($3 is a good price) or buy a bundle here from Vintiques Prims on Etsy.  OR if you are really cutting costs (like I was) use Kleenexes!  Your guests that tear up won't care either way; they will just be happy to keep their make-up fresh!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Doily Fans!

For the gender reveal party I made some doily fans, which is a necessity at a Texas BBQ!  These are also perfect for a summer wedding and ridiculously easy!

Doilies (you need 2 doilies per fan).  You can buy these cheap at Michaels $1.99 for 16 or for something less traditional check out Knot and Bow on Etsy. 
Popsicle sticks
Cup about the size of the middle of the doily 
Hot glue
Foam brush
Elmer's glue or rubber cement
Trace the cup onto the cardstock (you need 2 circles per fan)
Cut the circles out
Use white glue or rubber cement to paint glue onto the cardstock
Press a cardstock circle onto the middle of the doily
Use your fingers to smooth out any bubbles
Once both doilies are dry, hot glue a Popsicle stick about one inch in to the back of one doily/cardstock
Align the other doily/cardstock on top and hot glue the Popsicle stick and cardstock
Go around the edges and glue the doilies to each other
Let it dry

Doily fan complete!  Stick these in large mouth mason jars on a table outside your ceremony and you will have very happy guests!

My niece modeling the fans!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gender Reveal Party!

I threw my first gender reveal party last Saturday for my sister in law & brother in law!  Check out my photos to see the decor and of course the gender!  Most decorations were handmade by me; to order e-mail or visit me on Etsy - Confetti & Sparkles.

I used a large chalkboard from Hobby Lobby to do the Old Wives Tales & let the parents-to-be circle if it was "boy" or "girl"
The bows and mustaches were free cut by hand from $0.79 hot pink felt and navy blue felt from Michaels.
Cake pops courtesy of That's Sweet.
The Tassel Garland is hot pink, navy blue, gold, white and silver tissue paper on twine.  I used this Pinterest tutorial.
The Baby B, Boy or Girl Banner is made with doilies from Michaels, kraft tags, hand lettering in white map pencil, twine and mini clothes pins. 
I used a medium chalkboard so guests could vote boy or girl!  After voting they grabbed a bow or mustache pin to show their vote!

For drinks we served Blue Moon and Blueberry Mint Water for the "boys" and Pink Champagne and Pink Lemonade for the "girls".  At each drink station we had a mix of grey, navy and pink straws in mason jars plus a few grey ones with bows or mustaches.
For food we had berry skewers to play on blue and pink.  Since Serena is having zero cravings we stocked up on favorites like a veggie tray, guacamole, chip and dip plus a cheese tray.  Then after the reveal we grilled burgers and hot dogs!  If your mommy to be is having cravings set up a snack station with all the fun things she is craving (think pickles & ice cream!)

For the reveal we used confetti poppers. I worked with an amazing Etsy vendor, Gender Reveal, to get these.  You can also make these using push pops from the supermarket, glue, printed paper, confetti and tissue paper.  A tutorial is here.
So do I have a niece or nephew on the way?  Watch the video to see!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Raffle Ticket Banner - Circus Party

I am lucky to have a husband who sees vintage raffle tickets in storage and thinks I bet Courtney could use these!

I used these amazing finds to make a raffle ticket paper chain banner. In case you've never made a paper chain here are the instructions!
  • Tear off 6 tickets in one color, staple tickets 1 and 6 on top of each other
  • Pick a new color, tear off 6 tickets, loop it through your first "chain" and staple ticket 1 and 6 on top of each other
  • Keep looping the chains and stapling until it's the right length.
I ended up with quite the chain, but it looked perfect at our Circus themed Bring Your Kids to Work Day! I have tons of raffle tickets left, if you are interested e-mail  

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